Wu Zheng (吴争) - Netherlands


Hi! My name is Wu Zheng (吴争), I come from Hangzhou, Zhengjiang (杭州city,浙江provience). I like cats and traveling, I also like to watch Japanese anime and play games. I'm now a master student (in plant science and breeding) at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Since my boyfriend is also learning Chinese (he is a Dutch), I decided to also help out for Nguyen and his website so I can share my knowledge to all of you whos interested in learning Chinese. If you keep up with us, you will get improved! I think the best way to learn a language is to use it often, if you have time, instead of Youtube, you can also go visit BILIBILI.COM which is a very funny Chinese video website :) If you have questions or if you want to practice Chinese, I'm always willing to help (can find me in FB by Jenny Wu).



Cecilia Lee - United Kingdom


Hey guys, my name is Cecilia LEE and I come from Singapore. I have lived in France for about 18 years so I consider myself quite French. Today, thanks to my travels and studies, I speak Chinese, English and French fluently. Previously, I was a private tutor teaching English and Chinese in Paris, having students from the age of 4 till the age of 75 or maybe even more. Nguyen used to be one of my students and asked me for help when he decided to create this website. I really think it is a fun and interactive way to learn Chinese, just stay tuned for more updates. He is doing a great job ! Youtube is also a great place to learn Chinese but the key is to not give up! Or find a Chinese partner that works too!